SCOTTY-MIXTM - Automatic Batching System This concrete batching system consists of a Manual Panel, Automatic Panel, Junction Box, Log Printer, and all cables necessary for interconnection. The system connects to new or existing Digital Scales and supports a wide variety of manufacturers.

Scotty Mix Automatic Panel The Scotty Mix® Automatic Panel is enclosed in stainless steel and uses a polycarbonate overlay for protection from harsh environments. It utilizes positive action pushbutton switches and incorporates an easy to read two line by 40 character LCD display. Simplicity in batching is the key to this system. With a few keystrokes, the Weigh Feed cycle is started. During Discharge, the ribbon feed of the aggregates and cements can easily be controlled "on the fly".
Scotty Mix Manual Panel The accompanying Manual Panel uses large sealed toggle switches. It does not rely on the electronics in the Automatic Panel, and can operate alone. Although mainly used for manual trim of automatic batches, it can be used as a backup system should the Automatic Panel fail for any reason.
Manufactured in U.S.A.

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